Silicon Valley Con 2016!


We will be exhibiting at the first Silicon Valley Con!


Our event is fast approaching, and we are incredibly excited to come together in just a few short months. Silicon Valley Comic Con will be a show unlike any other, as we bring together the best in technology and entertainment all under one gigantic roof! There are lots of fans like me in San Francisco and the Valley, and I’m excited to finally have a Comic Con with our very own flavor. When I was growing up it was hard to be a geek. It definitely wasn’t cool back then, but I am happy that things have changed because now being a geek, or being different is cool.
And Silicon Valley Comic Con celebrates BEING A GEEK!

So whether you’re an exhibitor, member of the press or an attendee, we look forward to seeing you in San Jose, March 18-20th to celebrate the age of the geek!

Issue #4 releases on 3/2/16!

Regn and Gremon join forces to heal the wounds on teh surface of the planet, but Gremon is distressed when it leanrs its ultimate face. Picar and Chay are more than distressed when they are betrayed by an ally who leads them right into the Baron’s tramp.

With our last “Awake” variant by Michael Mayne!

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