The past year there has been a lot of work going on without me posting or blogging about it, so here is my chance to catch up!

Awake first run ended with books one and two wrapping up into two beautiful trade paper back collections that are now available on Amazon . I took an opportunity working on the first original stories from the people at ZAG working on Miraculous through Action Lab. I am only going to be on issues 1-4 and this will be collected into a trade paperback in November of 2017.

I have been planning and plotting new issues of Starlight Movers and Sync, and trying to get those issues ready to move into production.

As for Conventions I am already planning on heading to Rose City in September, New York Comic Con in October,  American Library Association show in Irvine in November, and in 2018 so far just Emerald City has been planned.

I am going to continue to update my site and con schedule adding more art and exciting news along the way.