Hello again!

Hello everyone! My name is Brian Hess and I am in the slow process of relaunching hesstoons.com. So I figured I would launch with this amazing announcement about the upcoming publication of my comic “Awake”.

“Awake” is a long term Project that my writing partner Susan Beneville and I have been working on since 2009.

You can visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/awakecomic


Hey Awake fans, Brian and Susan have some great news to share… we have signed a publishing deal with Action Lab! Action Lab is an up-and-coming comic publisher with a solid line of all-ages books. We feel like we have found a wonderful new home for Regn and Picar. Action Lab has committed to publishing the first 4-issue story arc with the hopes of continuing the book as an ongoing series. We will be re-launching the book from Issue No. 1. This is going to give us – and you – an opportunity to get to know these characters a lot better. As you can see from these beautiful covers, our heroes have great adventures and challenges ahead of them: Regn comes face-to-face with a very angry Gremon, Picar and Chay head off in search of answers, and Gen makes a tough decision that will change everyone’s lives. Maybe not for the better.

Signing with Action Lab means that Awake will be distributed to comic shops all over the country. We expect that the new Issue No. 1 will hit the stores in July. So, keep looking for it and asking for it. And, jump on your hoverbikes and join us as we embark on this new great adventure. As always, we are so grateful for your continued support!